Setting up Tomcat

http://localhost:8080/  (Should return tomcat test page)

I am hoping to receive assistance setting up and testing tomcat.  I have completed the the following (hopefully correctly):
Java Web Start (I thought this was the tomcat) which when unzipped to desk top creates folder called apache-tomcat-5.5.31 (this folder seems similar to a folder found on my C:drive, which the path is as follows)
C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 5.5\webapps\.metadata

please help me help myself.
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ashesh17Connect With a Mentor Commented:

Please Install Java 5.0 or later version and set "JAVA_HOME" environment variable with value as base directory of Java installation (e.g. C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0), also update Path environment variable with ";%JAVA_HOME%\bin". After doing this try to install Tomcat and you will be able to install it successfully.
Sathish David Kumar NArchitectCommented:
you can set your enviroment variable in where you extract the tomact
Please do following and this should solve your problem:

1. Install Java
2. Set "JAVA_HOME" environment variable.
3. Unzip Tomcat release to desired location.
4. Set "CATALINA_HOME" to top level directory of your extracted Tomcat e.g. in your case "C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 5.5".
5. Update "Path" environment variable with ";%JAVA_HOME%\bin;%CATALINA_HOME%\bin" (optional but recommended)
6. Start Tomcat and go to URL http://localhost:8080/ 
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gazdzidAuthor Commented:

You Wrote:  4. Set "CATALINA_HOME" to top level directory of your extracted Tomcat e.g. in your case "C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 5.5".

My response
This path is already set as stated in you recommendation

You wrote
5. Update "Path" environment variable with ";%JAVA_HOME%\bin;%CATALINA_HOME%\bin" (optional but recommended)

Found below are two variable that have the settings as follows, which should I change?

C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 5.5\server\lib;

My "Path" Shows
c:\oracle\products\9.0.1\bin;C:\Program Files\Oracle\jre\1.3.1\bin;C:\Program Files\Oracle\jre\1.1.8\bin;%SystemRoot%\system32;%SystemRoot%;%SystemRoot%\System32\Wbem;C:\Program Files\QuickTime\QTSystem\;C:\Program Files\Common Files\Roxio Shared\DLLShared\;C:\Program Files\Interactive Intelligence\ICUserApps\;C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\80\Tools\Binn\

You should update "Path" variable in way as follows:

Windows Start>My Computer>Right Click>Properties>Advanced Tab>Environment Variables Button>Select "Path" variable>Click on Edit button > Append ;%JAVA_HOME%\bin;%CATALINA_HOME%\bin in existing value.
gazdzidAuthor Commented:
Due to my lack of success prior to your most recent post, I made the decision to uninstall everything and start from scratch:

1st) I tried to install tomcat.
I was provided with a prompt that stated " Please select the path of the J2SE 5.0 or later JRE installed on your system.  Note that if you have 64 bit operating system, you must specify 64 bit jre:"

Is the an installation of a software that needs to take place prior to installing Tomcat?
Sathish David Kumar NArchitectCommented:
The same think only i mention in my comment !!
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