Question on EIGRP route (traceroute weird)

R1 has two paths to get to
via and via

Why does the trace look like this?:

1  4 msec   4 msec 0 msec

2  4msec  4msec  4 msec na
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rochey2009Connect With a Mentor Commented:
There are two paths

One of them goes from R1 to R2 via the subnet and then onto R4 via the subnet

The other goes from R1 to R3 via the subnet, crosses the subnet to R2 and then onto R4 via the subnet. So this route is suboptimal due to the redistribution.

It's alternating each probe over both paths.
orusAuthor Commented:
is this normal behavior?
yes the per packet load balancing is normal for equal cost routes (and with some configuration using the EIGRP variance command for unequal cost routes). However in your case both the paths are not really equal since the path to through R3 is an extra hop but this is a consequence of redistribution between protocols and can sometimes introduce suboptimal routes such as the one through R3.

I think you can change the per packet loadbalancing behaviour.
orusAuthor Commented:
final question. What is the actual path between R1 and (r4)
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