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Hello All. I have a Dell insipron laptop 15. What does the key with a white monitor shaped box with an 'X" in it do? This key is located in the top row.
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TheBDPConnect With a Mentor Sr. Sys EngineerCommented:
As Clonyxlro mention - is the key that lets you toggle between, laptop monitor, clone laptop monitor and VGA/DVI out, and DVI/VGA out. You have to hold
TheBDPSr. Sys EngineerCommented:
Got a pic? Did you check Dell's website?
Stelian StanConnect With a Mentor Network AdministratorCommented:
If your computer is connected to another screen and if you press Fn+ that key it should change the mode it displays on both screens. You can change to Clone, Extended ...
Rhiaanon44Author Commented:
My laptop would not turn on after I left the airport. Airport security searched my bag. I could see the battery was charged but the screen remained black no matter what. I pressed that key and it I finally could see the screen.
Rhiaanon44Author Commented:
Thanks giys!
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