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Installing php,MySql and phpmyadmin on windows 7

Hi Experts,

I want to install MySql, phpmyadmin and PHP. To learn PHP and MySQL on windows 7 machine and also to administer MySql via myphpadmin. I am very new to MySql and PHP.

I was following this website :

to install PHP and I got stuck at the lat part where it tells me to "create a .php script and put it in the root folder of the IIS site (by default C:\Inetpub\wwwroot; note that you may need additional rights to write into that directory), e.g. phpinfo.php with a simple phpinfo() call in it. Call this script using http://localhost/phpinfo.php, and you are done!"

1. I dont know how to create this PHP script
2. How do i find the root folder? the default suggestion did not help.

Also if you know better programs to administer MySql please let me know.

Thank You.
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