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How to force NTP synchronization

Hi Experts!
assume Windows is configured to acquire time from an internet NTP service, let's say pool.ntp.org.
how do I force synchronization?
I mean, I know synchronization goes on automatically once configured but I want to tell Windows "synchronize now", using Delphi code.
Thanks --

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8/22/2022 - Mon
Ephraim Wangoya

use the following procedure

function SetSystemDateTime(ANewDate: TDateTime): Boolean;
  dtSystem: TSystemTime;
  with dtSystem do
    wYear := StrToInt(FormatDateTime('yyyy', ANewDate));
    wMonth := StrToInt(FormatDateTime('mm', ANewDate));
    wDay := StrToInt(FormatDateTime('dd', ANewDate));
    wHour := StrToInt(FormatDateTime('hh', ANewDate));
    wMinute := StrToInt(FormatDateTime('nn', ANewDate));
    wSecond := StrToInt(FormatDateTime('ss', ANewDate));
    wMilliseconds := 0;
  Result := SetSystemTime(ANewDate);

sorry, you completely missed the point --
look at attached image: this is Windows 7 system date/time dialog.
As you can see, system is configured to obtain correct date/time from NTP server ntp.ien.it.
Next synchronization is scheduled for dec 8, 2010 @ 10:16 (blue circle).
Windows allows you to force synchronization *now* (red circle, "Aggiorna" is for "Update" in italian language).
I want to force update from my Delphi code, not from Windows "Update" button.
Hope this is clearer now.

Screenshot of Windows Date/time dialog
Ephraim Wangoya

Got you

From your delphi program, you can execute this dos command

w32tm /resync /rediscover

This should force a resynchronize
for other options of w32tm, run w32tm /? from dos prompt, i haven't used this in a long time
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Ephraim Wangoya

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well, that'll do the trick only if "run as administrator"... damn UAC...
but that gave me an idea, so I started tracing w32tm.exe with dependency walker and discovered it is loading w32time.dll to call a function named "W32TimeSyncNow"... interesting...
so I started googling for W32TimeSyncNow and discovered this:
ok so now we know what w32tm does under the hood.
I carried out a quick test but W32TimeSyncNow returns 5: access denied.
maybe we must go through rundll32 which is whitelisted.
I'll give it a try

no luck. error 5 again, even if launched by rundll32.
seems Microsoft has fixed this:
so... this is a UAC issue. I feel I cannot easily bypass it -
what do you think
Ephraim Wangoya

I don't have access to my Windows 7 box, but I'll look into it.

UAC is a b* sometimes
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Ephraim Wangoya

Yap, had the same problem, I could'nt bypass it

ok; maybe I'd better find another way to do that -- I'm developing a demo period mechanism for my app and I wanted to prevent users from fooling it simply putting clock back.
anyway, question answered -
thanks ewangoya