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SSIS Package will not run from SQL Agent . Agent job completes with success

I have an SSIS package that runs successfully from BIDS.  When I try to schedule this package from SQL Agent 2008 the SQL job completes with success but the package does not run.  The package was build under my domain user and I changed have ownership to a local admin account.  The package will not run under the other user only my account.

I do have another package that runs successfully from SQL Agent and have compared both for any differences.  Nothing seems to be out of place.

I have verified user permissions on the target folder and all looks well.

Anyone have any clues?
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8/22/2022 - Mon

When I try to schedule this package from SQL Agent 2008 the SQL job completes with success but the package does not run.

How long does the job run?

I had a similar issue a little while back.  The package completed successfully (in about 29 seconds) but it didn't do what it was supposed to.  It turned out that it had been scheduled but it was only validating the package when it "executed".  The Production DBA changedd that one setting (unchecked a checkbox) and, poof!, it ran successfully AND did what it was supposed to do. ;-)

So, check the scheduled job . . . I think that the "Validate Only" is a default.

The job runs in less than a second.  I have verified that validation is not on.

Have you looked at the connection managers to make sure all point to the right place?

If the job runs in less than a second, that indicates, to me, that it is not really getting started.  What is the vaery first step in the package?  Also, I am assuming that you have everythin set with appropriate flow controls and that there is some sort of error handling?

Have you added any notifications?
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what is Protection Level of package? did you deployed it correctly?

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