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Need help with Flash File

I had a guy help me by writing the AS for this index page:


There are some edits that need to be made to the Flash file. If I do the edits, when I publish the file, it starts looping and will not stop.

Also, the Acrobat link on the bottom right corner is not linked to the right file. However, the AS looks fine as best I can tell.

I will be happy to send whatever files are needed to anyone who can help me figure this out. I an new to EE and a designer, not a developer, so I need someone who can be nice, and someone who can speak in simple English and help me fix this page.

I've already posted this once and didn't really get any help. SO if I have transgressed the holy writ of EE by reposting this to get some help, well, I guess I'll have to take all the flaming I'm sure I'm going to get.

Thank you in advance.
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8/22/2022 - Mon

unfortunately its really against the rules of EE to send files directly to someone, so if you're willing to upload your file here, then by all means do so -.

if not then fistly

what version of actionscript is it? AS3 or AS2 - have a look at your publish settings if you're not sure.

then if AS2 there should be a getURL , in AS3 navigateToURL - so check the path there to the pdf file. If you're embedding your swf into html, make sure the link to the pdf is relative to the html file and NOT the swf.
fix the path to the right file there.

when you compile the file, check that you are not getting any errors, if not - the looping should be "fixable" with a simple "stop" action.

Don't mind uploading them at all. Just didn't know to do it.

Here is the native Flash file with the fonts it calls for. If these fonts are not used, the text goes all to crap and the underlines don't aren't in the right places.

So, basically, I just need someone to tell me what's wrong with the PDF link in the lower right. I really need it fixed FOR me because I don't speak Actionscript AND because when I try to publish it on my computer it creates a looping SWF for some reason.

Well #&*^@ - EE won't let me upload the freaking fonts!! I'm beginning to hate this site and all it's stupid rules. I just need TWO minutes of help and not all this crap.

Here's JUST the Flash file

Easiest way to upload "disallowed" file types is to rename them with the *.txt extension and make a note of what file type to rename it back to.
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Thanks for the tip BillDL, I tried that too and it still gave me the error message.

About the looping. This can happen when you preview it if you don't have the lastest flash player for the browser you use. This is a workaround I read about

Change the publish settings of the movie from flash player 10 to flash player 7 or 8 before converting it to SWF and then it won't loop.

About linking: I found a basic tutorial about how to create a link (using an image or a button):


You have to modify the following line of code to point to your pdf file:

var url:String="http://www.catalystad.com/_newsite/images/pdfs/CMC_About-Us.pdf";

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Thank you, ddhamm, for responding. Changing the publish settings to FP7 or 8 did not prevent the swf from looping. With regard to creating the button - the button has already been created, the problem is it links to the wrong file...

Thank you ayanaculis: I agree the line of code may need to be modified. The problem is that it appears to be written correctly AND, if not, I have no earthly idea how to rewrite it.

Thanks again to both of you. The problems remain.

You have to change the URL to point to the pdf file. For example, if your about file is called about_us.pdf and it's located at the pdfs directory, then the url should be "http://www.catalystad.com/pdfs/about_us.pdf". Keep in my mind that some servers are case sensitive, so you should write the name of your file exactly as you have uploaded it.

ayanaculis - I get it. The problem is, the url appears to be written correctly. What frustrates me is BOTH PDF links download the About Us PDF, even though the one on the right is linked to the Our Processes PDF. I've checked the URL a hundred times and it looks correct to me.

Here's what it says:

function myRelease2(event:MouseEvent):void {

      var url:String="http://www.catalystad.com/_newsite/images/pdfs/CMC_Our-Processes.pdf";
      var request:URLRequest=new URLRequest(url);
      try {
            navigateToURL(request, '_blank');
      } catch (event:Error) {
            trace("Error occurred!");
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ppl if i may jump in.

the reason both buttons are opening the about pdf is because both buttons are told to trigger myRelease

your acrobatRT_btn should be triggering myRelease2 NOT myRelease

acrobatRT_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, myRelease2);

I should have caught that! Good call blue

@ayanaculis - sometimes it just takes a fresh pair of eyes :-)
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Thank you blue-genie. I'm halfway home - I think.

I say "I think" because now the issue I have is when I publish the file, the swf loops so fast I can't even test the link.

I've published in Flash 9/AS3, Flash 9/AS2, Flash 9/AS1, Flash 8/AS2, Flash 8/AS1 and they all loop.

Resolve this looping problem for me and the points are yours along with my undying admiration.


i don't get this looping issue you're referring to?
when i publish this i get to the screen with the 2 links to pdf and enter site . and there is waits for user interaction.

blue-genie - it baffles me too. The guy who did the AS for me could publish with no probs too. When I do it, this is what I get...
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blue-genie takes the prize.

muchos thanks for FINALLY helping me get this resolved. all this has been going on for months (literally). I'm ecstatic that I'm finished with this project.

I will never touch another Flash file. I will never touch another Flash file. I will never touch another Flash file.

Muchos Thank!