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What are the parameter types that go in INCLUDE=(??,?,??,EQ,C'??',AND,??,?,??,EQ,C'?')?
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I am assuming you are refering to the OUTFIL INCLUDE option (vs. the INCLUDE COND=(xxxx) statement)

If you refer to page 103 in the manual


It explains what the comparsions are.  For your statement:


You would want to look at is as:



Are the p1, m1, f1, and constant values, respectively, the same on both sides of that statement?
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Not sure what you mean.  Although I will say at times IBM's manuals are a bit confusing if you are not used to using them.  After 30+ years I still get confused at times.

Think of the INCLUDE statement as a IF THEN ELSE statement

IF (A = "1") and (C = "2") then
   don't include

A is equal to the first p1,m1,f1
B is equal to the second p1, m1, f1.  

You have two unique sets of p1, m1, f1.  If you go  to page 104 it explains what p1, m1, and f1 are.   These are used to define the "field" you want to use: start, length, and format.

In your case you have two different fields and you only want to include the record when both fields are eq to some constant (C'?').  Now the constant could the the same constant in both cases or it could be different constants.


Thank you for your help.

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