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css property does not change on screen resolution

i have a code that change some properties when the rsolution change,2 properties does change but the first one does not.

in the regular css i have the code and if i change there the property does change.

i attach the code.

best regards

the jquery code:
var ScreenWidth=screen.width; 
	var ScreenHeight=screen.height; 
	var ScreenResolution=ScreenWidth+"x"+ScreenHeight; 
	//alert("your screen res is:" + ScreenResolution);
	if(ScreenResolution > '1025'){
	 $('#blog #blogpics #blgpicswrapper').css({'position' : 'relative' ,'left' : '20em'});
	 $('#skillswrapper').css({'left' : '50em'});
	 $('img#wanted').css({'left' : '40em'});

the regular css:
#blog #blogpics #blgpicswrapper{
		position: relative;
		left: .5em;

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