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Distributing Access 2002 Applications

I have a Microsoft Access 2002 application that I want to sell over the internet.  I want to allow people purchasing this app to download the executable and install on their machine.  I used the Microsoft Packaging Wizard that came with the XP developer tools to build a package, and then created a self-extracting zip file to download.  The download/extraction works just fine, but when I run the setup.exe program in the install package, it is telling me that my system does not have  NT4.0 Service Pack 6 installed on my system, and the install stops.  I know I can download the NT Service Pack and install it, but I'm not sure that is appropriate for a XP Pro SP3 system.  I don't want to break anything else on my machine.

Anyone know why the install kit is asking for this?  Is there a way I can get around this?  My eventual end users will probably not have the "savy" to be downloading additional service packs to make this application work on their machine.  I really want the process to be simple and foolproof.

Any help would be appreciated.

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