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Computer Screen Blank upon Boot

I saw this answered a couple places, but I didn't get a sense of what to do.  Replacing the video card seems like it is too much for the problem.  

Here is the problem:  I was on the comptuer when I got that tale-tale sign that there is Malware.  A screen popped up that looked like a real virus scan, but I knew it was not.  So I closed it, turned off the computer and decided to bring it up in Safe mode and try to remove whatever the virus or maleware was.

Upon Reboot the screen just goes to a blank blinking screen.  I put in the orginal disks and try to restore to a point, but it still stays blinking.  I tried running a repair on the startup, the automated one that comes with the disk, but it says it can't find anything wrong.  

This is a Windows Vista Home Edition Dell Laptop.  

What do you suggest?  I found an ISO that might work, but it was only part one.

And please could you provide instructions on a repair suggested, I'm afraid I am excellent on the network, but fall short when it comes to individual computer repair.  
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