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Managed switch with DHCP server capability recommendations?

Hi, I need a switch that has / can do the following:

- More ports the better... at least 8, but really 48 would we never have to do any uplinking.
- Act as a DHCP server with 3 scopes.
- VLAN'ing.
- Supply PoE for about 6 Wireless AP's.
- 10/100/1000

I have become very lost on the Cisco site looking for this, and I'm hoping to get some tried and tested recommendations. This is for use at a charity, everything is voluntary, we need to spend very sensibly where possible. We would be more than happy with something from Netgear or equivalent but understand that Cisco might be our only choice.

For more info about the overall project, please see this question which I have running concurrently: https://www.experts-exchange.com/questions/26659988/3-VLANS-3-SSIDs-for-wifi-DHCP-for-all.html

Thanks a lot!
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