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Exchange 2003 coexistence with Exchange 2010 (Edge, OWA, Certificate, DNS considerations)

I'm most of the way through transitioning our Exchange 2003 environment to Exchange 2010 and I have a couple of questions that I hope someone can help me with.  Let me explain my current configuration first:

1 Exchange 03 server we'll call EX03 (in DMZ)

1 Exchange 10 server with CA, Hub and MB roles installed, we'll call this EX10 (not in DMZ)

1 Edge 10 server, no subscription configured yet (in DMZ)

Routing connector between EX03 and EX10

1 test mailbox on EX10, moved from EX03 (mailflow is fine)

We use a wildcard ssl cert

Public DNS: 2 A records named mail.domain.com and mail2.domain.com point to our public ip that our ASA directs to EX03.  There are 2 MX records named mail and mail2.  I wish I knew why there were 2.  

Internal DNS: 2 cname records named mail.domain.com and mail2.domain.com that point to the 03 mail server.  3 MX records named 'mail', 'EX03' and 'EX10'

OWA address is mail.domain.com  It uses windows authentication on EX03 and forms based on EX10.

In IIS on EX03 there are 2 host headers configured.  mail.domain.com and mail2.domain.com

Ok, so now that you have all that information, here are my questions:

Currently, when I go to mail.domain.com and login with an account who's mailbox is on EX03, I successfully login to Outlook Web Access.  When I go to mail.domain.com and login with the test account who's mailbox is on EX10, I get 'page cannot be displayed'.  But ONLY if I am outside of the network.  If I'm inside the network, it does forward over to Outlook Web APP.  But the url does not say mail.domain.com... it says ex10.domain.com

I would like to have a period of coexistence where users are seamlessly redirected to Outlook Web App even when visiting mail.domain.com  After the coexistence and after all the mailboxes have been moved, I would like to configure the edge server and decommission EX03.

I'm almost there but am starting to get confused by OWA, certificates and potentially DNS. I read in another article about configuring a 'legacy' url, but I don't quite understand what that entails.

Does the Client access server need to be in the DMZ if it is to be "internet facing"?  I'm sure the Edge server doesn't handle OWA, Active Sync, Autodiscover, etc?  Only internet email.

What is the best way for me to proceed from here to make sure the rest of the transition is smooth?

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