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Auratek asked
Hi All,

I thought I would ask the experts this one.

I am looking for an all inclusive tool for administration and diagnostics tools.  Over the past ive worked with Winternals and spinwrite and a few others but i am no looking for somehting that can offer me a more conlusive list of tools.

What programs would you all recommend?


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I would first suggest you have a look at my TechToolkit web page - http://www.lwcomputing.com/tips/static/techtoolkit.asp

Then consider this:  You cannot loosen a nut with a screw driver or check electrical voltage levels with a hammer.  ONE TOOL is not going to do everything... and while you could make do with swiss army knife, it's generally a lot easier to use a screw driver when opening a case.

Get the best tools for each aspect you need to address - limiting yourself to a few that do many things will likely make you less effective, not more effective at troubleshooting and management.

Another good one leew


Thank you very much that was the sort of answer I was after.