Lotus NotesSQL on Win7 64bit - Error 126 creating DSN (path changes already tried)

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I'm trying to get NotesSQL v8 running on Windows 7 64bit.

Installed the driver, appears correctly under the 32bit ODBC configuration.

Try to create a DSN (of any type) and I get the NotesSQL Driver could not be loaded due to error 126 (c:\NotesSQL\nsqlc32.dll not found).

Googled the problem, lot of people with the problem and many references to making sure PATH includes the relevant folders.

So, PATH has been correctly set with the following, to find the dll's and notes.ini

Anyone any clues as to why I'm still getting the 126 error?

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You have to use a REAL 32bit ODBC configuration client!

I fight an hour on this until I realize I need to use:

NB I assert that since you google around you follow correctly the install since you already solved the notes.ini and notesSql Path problem.

Found another suggestion via Google, that v8 of NotesSQL doesn't work properly on Windows 7.

Tried the latest v8.51 (which isn't obvious in the downloads) and all is working fine.


Answered the question with further research.
I used a user DSN and it worked on that version.

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