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I need to connect to an exchange server on a different domain

I am setting up a new Windows 2008 server on domain1.local
I have a 2003SBS server on domain2.local
I want to use it as my mail server
 We are using outlook 2003 as part of our major application.
What is involved in getting the workstations on domain1.local to see the exchange mailboxes on domain2.local?
This is a medium-term stopgap measure to allow us to continue using the older SBS2003 as a mailserver until  a) our main application supports higher than exchange 2003, and B) - funds are available to replace the exchange server with a newer version.

SBS 2003 is on domain2.local because it would need to be the PDC on domain1.local, which is a 2008 server and we don't want to go that route, only to have to promote the 2008 to PDC when the 2003SBS is deleted at a later DATE.

More details if they are required.
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It shouldn't be a problem.  I do it all the time.
The users will just have to logon (to Outlook) with their email address, e.g. user@domain2.local.
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OK. sounds easy - but how do I set up the exchange account on the outlook? I always get the "the action could not be completed. The connection to the microsoft exchange server is not available. Outlook must be online r connected to complete this action" error when trying to add the exchange account to the outlook.

The mailserver is ""exchange.domain2.local" and the user has been (the actual email address), test, and test@domain2.local - all with the same result.

The will be pushed to the exchange server by exchangePop3 V5 from Kinesphere - which we have been using for years on our original setup, where sbs2003 was the PDC and an ols server2000 server was our application server. (all on domain.local)
Can you ping exchange.domain2.local from domain1?  Is there a firewall between domain1 and domain2?
I could not ping by name between the domains.I thought I was able when first set up. Upon furthern  checking I could not ping by number either I can since I put the exchange server directly on the network instead of on it's own router (has dedicated IP).

SO - it liiks like it is a  router issue. Router is a NAT firewall as well (Netgea wnr834B).
  It is running SSL and I have opened the ports to the machine, but???
Here is a link to an article regarding the the ports you need to open.
Outlook will also need to contact the global catalog, so those ports need to open too.

You could try opening the firewall wide between your two networks, and then closing some ports after you get it running.
When you ping the exchange server by name between domains does the name resolve?
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sometimes the solution is so simple  we just totally miss it.

Close the question. Thanks.