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I have setup exchange 2010, and I have setup a test box which is receiving mail but the mail is still being routed through my ex2007 server what gives.  I have set up all send and rec connectors but I must be missing one step.
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I would check out your router /firewall.  There may be a NAT configuration that is still pointing to your old Exchange 2007 box.
James GoldenSystems Administrator ConsultantCommented:
Could you clarify a little more.  When you say you have a test box do you mean a client with Outlook that you are using to access mail on the exchange 2010?

The send a rec connectors in the setup will make sure your 2007 and 2010 communicate, but did you setup a send connector on exch2010 to send out.  Did you change your MX records to point to the new server?

This could be something as simple as your DNS MX entry.  If your MX entry still points to your 2007 server then mail will go there first.

Hope that helps.

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cannon4aAuthor Commented:
yes a test box on the 2010 server.  I did not want to change the mx entry just yet as I have not migrated all users and I still want my ex2007 server to work until I make sure I have all of the bugs worked out.
James GoldenSystems Administrator ConsultantCommented:
Not a problem.  I understand.

I configured mailflow first.  Then I started migrating users.  The deployment wizard will take you through that pretty easily.  As long as you have your MX records pointing to your 2007 server incoming mail from the internet will still be routed (for that domain anyway) to that server.  Also if you are using NAT you will have to change that as well like uescomp pointed out.

By default when you install Exchange 2010 it will create connectors that route mail between your existing server (if it finds one) and the new server.  So if you just went through the setup on your existing network and gave it your current domain information your setup would look something like this:

Internet --> 2007 <--> 2010 -->Clients

If you want mail to just go to your 2010 server you will have to put it in another domain, or you will have to change your MX/NAT info to point to 2010 instead of 2007 server.  As long as you can communicate between the two servers you are safe in pointing your MX records to the 2010 server.

Does that answer your question?  

You won't be able to really get rid of the 2007 in a coexistence scenario, until you have moved all your mailboxes from the server and decommission (uninstall soft., etc....) it.  So mail will still be routed to/through it in some fashion.
cannon4aAuthor Commented:
thank You
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