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FM - Separating entries in a list function

I have an employee database that lists each person's email.  What I want to do is create a few calc fields that list all employee emails based on a group they are in, e.g., salesmen or data entry personnel.  I will then use this field in an FM email script.  However, is there a way in the List function to replace the hard returns by a ";" so that the emails are separate by a semicolon as they need to be?  If not, how else would you recommend to do it?
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Thanks, works great.  For some reason I thought that "¶" didn't work for the returns between the items in a List function, but must have got that confused with code for the web.  Will award points when I can post the final solution.
Used it in the following ways to create email lists for all employees and then these subgroups (I realize I could have done this in Active Dir, but didn't want to clutter it with the many subgroups I need in FM.  This way, one change in the Employee database effects numerous value lists, email lists, and scripts.)