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Deploying an app that uses Installaware

I am deploying an app that uses installaware and I want to make the install silent. It doesnt have to be silent but I just dont want it to ask users for any information to type in or have to click next, accept, etc.
I'm familiar with installshield and tried to create a response file which didn't work. I tried install.exe /q and that still asks for user input. Same with install.exe /p.
I cant seem to find anything on deploying an installaware packaged product. Anyone here have some insight?
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I was looking to far into it. The /s worked just fine. Thanks for your help.
For the KB: different vendors of installation-packaging software provide different command-line switches for the setup.exe compiled by their product.  There's no universal rule; in practically all cases, the switches are to be found at vendor's website (Installaware in this case), by searching for something like setup command line switches.