Linux Active Directory Authentication without having users added locally


I've been beating my head over this for the last day or so.. Here is what I need

I need to know how and if there is a way to authenticate Linux systems via AD and not have the users entered into the /etc/shadow or the /etc/passwd file. This is so that ANY active directory user can log into the Linux system almost like how people log into Windows systems.

Is there a way to accomplish this? I prefer using the tools that come with Linux (pam, samba, kerberos, winbind, etc over using a "pay for" product...)


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you need to configure samba, winbindd and make sure that /etc/nsswitch.conf references winbind for both passwd and shadow.

The following configures the linux client to use LDAP queries to the AD

While the samba,winbind example is for centos, the same rule applies to other distributions.

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Use quest tools, QAS they are good
GodsEraserAuthor Commented:
GodsEraserAuthor Commented:
put me in the right direction.. Thanks..
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