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Sysprep changes LAN connection names

Our system has multiple LAN connections to which we assign descriptive names in Windows 7. For example, we rename "Local Area Connection" to "Primary Network" and "Local Area Connection 2" to "Secondary Network". However, Sysprep discards the assigned names and reverts to the originals. Worse, if we don't rename the LAN connections prior to Sysprep, it gives names that differ even from the original names assigned by Windows. For example, the first port is renamed "Local Area Connection 2", the second "Local Area Connection 3", etc.
How do we prevent Sysprep from changing the network adapter names that we assign? Or, assuming a LAN connection is uniquely identified only by its name, can we be certain that the names assigned following Sysprep will always be consistent so that we can script the change using netsh?
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