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How do I specify a double WHERE statement in SQL?

[I'm Using Visual Web Developer 2008 and SQL Server Express 2008]

I have about 13 fields in a table I want to return-----but only if they contain data (IS NOT NULL)

I need a double WHERE statement; I need to select the records based upon email address and ID# entered into two textboxes....and I only want to return the records where at least one of the specified fields has data (IS NOT NULL)

Here's an abbreviated example of what doesn't work:

Select [field1], [field2], [field3], from TABLE1 WHERE (([Email] = @Email) AND ([IDno] = @IDno)) AND field1 IS NOT NULL, OR field2 IS NOT NULL, OR field3 IS NOT NULL

Something like this ignores the WHERE parameters (email and ID#) and just returns any record from the database that is not null for the specified fields.....any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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Thanks simonpaul64; that's 500 points for one set of parentheses.

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