VHD File Won't Shrink

Hello and Thanks ahead of time for any response/help.

I'm at my wits end here with a VHD file. I have a VHD that is currently 408gigs in size. The server only has 160gigs partitioned within Server 2008 Disk Manager.  120gigs is being used with 40gigs of free space.

I feel like I've tried everything and read every forum or doc on compacting VHD files with no avail. What I've done so far:

1. Defraged the machine with Server 2008 defrag.
2. Defraged the machine with Raxco PerfectDisk 11 Hyper-V Bundle
3. After defrags I've used the Precompactor Tool
4. Ran the Hyper-V Compact Tool
5. Ran the Raxco "Reclaim Unused Space (Shrink) tool

No matter what I do the VHD file is still 400gigs.

Any suggestions or ideas? What could I be doing wrong?
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Hernan RuggianoCommented:
How about cloning the vm? I'm sure it will only create a disk of the size needed. At least it's worth a try...

Lucian ConstantinTrainerCommented:
You could try this also: Hyper-V How To: Shrink a VHD File

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If I understand you correctly, you created a dynamically expanding VHD with a maximum size 408GB. The VHD resides on a partition which is 160 GB in size of which the 120 GB is used by the dynamic VHD. The VHD has the potential to reach a maximum of 408 GB which which will pose problems when it reaches 160 GB when it will seize to work as it cannot grow beyond that on the current partition. Therefore you want to resize it to a size where you can avoid this.
Have you tried VHD Resizer (as suggested on the link provided by the other expert), I have successfully resized several VHDs with this tool.

danherbonAuthor Commented:
Vhdresizer worked for me thx
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