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4 Virtual Machines With 4 NICs and 4 External IP address

I have 4 ethernet cards in my computer. I want to launch 4 instances of windows, assign each one an ethernet card then have each card pull it's own external IP address from my ISP as they allow me to have up to 5 assigned via DHCP. How would I do this?
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First we need to know what systems are using. Like the Virtualize Systems, the OS etc.

Please provide more information for a better help from the EE Experts.

Yes, please specify if you are using vmware server, vmware esx/esxi, hyper-v, and so on, so we can help you with this.

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I'm using VMware workstation and plan to use windows xp pro.
Ok, then you have to do the following:

From the virtual networks, assign each nic to one vmnetx (lets say vmnet2, vmnet3,vmnet4,vmnet5). Then each VM has to use each vmnet and use dhcp.

Can you try that?


OK this is possible yes.

VMware Workstation have a tool that is Virtual Network Editor. This is main tool for setting the network on the VMware Workstation.

Here you can set any physical adapter to work directly with the Virtual Adapter in your VM.

So if you have 1 or more physical Adapters, you can connect to your ISP(in this case maybe your router) and then on the Virtual Network Editor you need to specify that VMnet1(example) is using the physical adapter 1(the option is Bridged to -> physical adapter). Then on your VM in the Virtual Adapter you need to specify that the Virtual Adapter will use the VMnet1

This is not difficult to implement, but not so easy to explain the step by step(only with print screens).

Hope this can help.

Could I use a single NIC and make virtual interface cards with different MAC addresses so that each machine was assigned a different IP address from the DHCP server?
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Regarding your query on DHCP, I have seen people using NAT at the router level and IP addresses in the 192.168.X.X subnet in LAN.

Do you want the VMs to directly fetch a public IP from your ISP's DHCP server ?

Yes I'd like each VM to fetch a different IP from the ISP's DHCP server is this possible with one NIC or do I need to put in more than one?
This is feasible using 1 NIC, provided the NIC to which the VMnet adapter is bound to fetches its IP from DHCP as well.

For example, if you set a static IP for a NIC, then the VMnet bound to that particular NIC and the VMs bound to the VMnet cannot get an IP from DHCP since the source is set statically.