Removing log files from storage groups in exchange 2007

All 3 storage groups have dismounted because of log files didn't go away with full back ups (backup exec2010). Now i'm out of disk space and cannot mount them to attempt to run a backup to remove them! HOW can I clear out the log files? I had Circular loggin enabled? HELP (running on 2008 server)
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Hernan RuggianoCommented:
run eseutil /mh to check status of databases, if dirty shutdown you have to run a repair (eseutil /rp),

If clean shutdown is shown: Copy the .chk & .log files to another location to free space.

the simplest way is to copy all files in the storage group (except the database file .edb) to a free disk after the copy process finishes

run this command

Move-StorageGroupPath -Identity "Second Storage Group" -LogFolderPath:"D:\Second Storage Group" -SystemFolderPath:"D:\Second Storage Group" -ConfigurationOnly

this command will changes the log files location in active directory to point to the new location.
tec1912Author Commented:
I managed to extend the partition and add space to mount drive back and get running, but I think my issue is now with BackupExec 2010. It does a full backup everynight and shouldn't that be chewing up those files? Do you know if any setting that I need for backup to remove these files?
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first circular logging must be disabled and the information store service should be restarted before running the backup job
if this didn't do the trick then let me know your exchange setup and configuration
tec1912Author Commented:
I actually contacted Symantec about my BE2010. Thinking this may be the cause, I unchecked Circular logging and dismount/remounted databases, then ran full backup. Log files are still there. Symantec seems to feel that one of the files in the current transaction log is corrupt?! He suggested a manual purge of the directory. Looked at som MS articles about manual removing log files. I would like to do this but leary about erasing the wrong data. Would it just be "log" files only? What about .jrs / .chk or even the EDB files? I know I need to unmount the database first, but do I copy and paste to another location or just delete? (running 2007 exchg svr on a 2008 svr. / BE2010 on a 2003 SBS)
if circular loggin is enabled, you should not have logs filling up your disk... so something is worng in your assumptions.
please try restarting the information store service for circular logging to take effect
tec1912Author Commented:
That was my original point. I had Circular Logging enabled but still building log files?! This happened after I upgraded from BE12 to 2010 version. I've also restarted the information store svc several times (with and without CL checked off). This is why I'm looking to wipe log files out and see what happens from there.
you can try to move older logs (leave last week logs) to an alternate location then try to mount the database if the database is mounted these logs is not needed
tec1912Author Commented:
Can I just drag and drop them out? Also, just .LOG files, correct?
yes just log files but sort them by date first and move logs older than one week

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