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Outlook 2007 set specific Contacts list as default via vbscript


    I have a pool of users in a Remote Desktop Server environment that I need to set their Address Book to default to a Public Contacts List when they want to fax items.

I have a script to add the desired Address Book/Contacts List upon login that works, but I, also, need a way to set the same Public Contacts List as the default upon login on the RDS farm.,

I attempted via vbscript to import a registry setting of a client configured as desired, however, while the values are imported into the desired HKCU location, it doesn't work when the Outlook 2007 client is opend and the TO: button is clicked.

Please help with developing a vbscript method.

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Hi, NetManaged.

That's not possible.  The default contact folder is always the contact folder associated with the mail delivery location.  If the mailbox is on an Exchange server, then that's the mailbox.  If the mailbox is on an internet server, then that's the PST file that mail is delivered to.  This cannot be changed.
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Huh!?!? Pardon, I'm in an E2K7 SP3 environment.
The default contact folder can be changed on a per user basis per the following path:
Outlook 2007, Tools, Address Book, Tools, Options, Show this Address List first: drop-down box and select the Address List desired to be the default. Tested to work successfully (close Outlook, restart Outlook, create e-mail, click on To:...tadaaa!).

So, it can be done on a per-user basis (HKCU mebbe?), however, I need a logon script process to set a desired Address Book/ontact List for users logging onto my RDS topoogy.

Anyone know how?
That doesn't change the default contact folder.  That changes the order that folders are searched in.  Want proof?  Create a contact after doing that and see where it goes.
Perhaps I am not using the correct terms or phrasing.

The order that Address Books/Contact Lists are searched in is what I am attempting to set via logon script (change from the GAL to Outlook Address Book, Fax Contact List/Folder). Not set the default contact list a new contact entry will be created in.
Got it.  We were talking about different things.  The value you're looking for is stored in the following registry key

HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows Messaging Subsystem\Profiles\Outlook\0a0d020000000000c000000000000046\11020434

in unicode format.  The problem is I don't know if it's the same registry key for each user and this presumes that each employee is using the same profile name.  The data in the key isn't a straight list of address book names either.  It contains other bits of information.  You can try exporting the key or copying the values and importing them into another machine and see what happens.
I found a similar effort in Google land and minimally revised the code to fit the specific binary values (see attached).
The key values appear to be:
01023d08 = GAL (i THINK)
01023d06 = Outlook Address Book (i THINK)
11023d05 = Public Fax List (list I want to default to for the TO: button)
However, it is in a different subkey of the path you listed. All things the same except the last key:
Hmm...the above values are created when the profile is first made (01023d08), the OAB is set to the to be viewed (01023d06) and then the desired Contacts List is set to be viewed upon clicking the Address Book button or the TO: button (11023d05).
IS this still the wrong key and I need to look at the one you listed?
Oops! The file is attached for your review setOABDefaultView.vbs
I need to make sure we're talking about the same option.  I'm talking about the option "When sending mail, check names using these address lists in the following order".  Are you talking about that one or "Show this address list first"?
"Show this address list first"
You're correct.  When I change the value of "Show this address list first" it sets the value in 01023d06.
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Just to clarify my last response. I used the Users Configuration, Windows Settings, Logon Script section of the GPO for the add address book vbscript (a Public Folder Contacts List) and the MAPIDefaultAddressList.exe file with the FAX Contact List in quotes in the Parameters field of the Add a Login Script process.
Thanks for your help BDF! I hope I'm doing this right.