Mac Air won't book to disk

External CD drive is connected to Mac Air.  Trying to book Mac Air to Install DVD.  At reboot I hold down C and then Apple logo appears.  I've done this before on my Mac Mini and Installation Screen pops up after a minute.  But with the Mac Air it just hangs and after 3 minutes i get a message "You need to restart your computer.  Hold down the power button until it turns off, then press the power button again".  I did that and still same thing happens over again. Any suggestions?
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Does that external drive work normally? Would it work if you plugged it into another computer. Just want to make sure that the drive isn't the cause of the problem.

Also, I found these instructions for booting a Macbok Air from an external source.

1 . Turn on your MacBook Air and hold down the "Option" key; a window labeled "Startup Manager" will appear.

2 . Use the arrow keys to select the volume you wish to boot from; this selection will not change your default boot volume settings.

3 . Press the "Return" key to confirm your selection and boot from the external device.
callis610Author Commented:
Tried that, same thing occurred after I selected external CD drive as bootable device.  Tried external CD drive on a different Mac and it worked.

i agree with d_nev

i personally own a mac if you want to install windows or osx
hold the "option" key until you see a hard drive image if your CDrom
doesnt apper yet just wait a while and it will show up...

like said, use the arrow key to select what device to boot.

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I was reading another Mac forum, and someone said that they just kept trying to boot from the drive and it eventually worked. Not much of an answer, but apparently that's the next best thing to bringing it to the store.

"I was having the same problem but I just kept turnign it on and off and holding c when i booted with the install disk in, and one of hte times i got lucky and it let me boot and i archived and installed it."

I would also be concerned that the hard drive is maybe experiencing some issues. This link will show you how to check, assuming you can boot into the OS.

If the Mac isnt booting to the OS, then you could try something like this.

The site isnt very clearly laid out, and the program is different depending on the version of your OS.

What kind of install disk are you trying to use?

Is it the one that came with your Mac?

Is it an OEM disk from a different Mac?

Is it a full retail install CD?

Generally speaking Macs will not boot from:

1. OEM disk from a different model Mac.
2. OS Versions older than the version that shipped with the Mac.

So you need either the install CD that came with your MacBook Air, or a full retail version install CD with a system newer than the one that shipped with your Mac.

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I assume we are talking about a Macbook Air.  You never mentioned if you are using an Apple External Superdrive for the Macbook Air?  What generation Macbook Air?

The Macbook Air's had some issues with booting and writing to 3rd party USB optical drives.  It has to do with the usb control board on the USB drive that ID's to the Air as an Apple product.

callis610Author Commented:
Mac Air comes with a small USB-like device that works as installation disk since these machines dont have CD drives.  Plugging external CD drivejust won't work.  I did this and was able to boot to it.
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