Remote Network Setup for Security Camera Dynamic IP


I am trying to setup remote viewing for my security camera/dvr setup.  The DVR is directly connected to my Netgear router.  I can view the cameras on my local network, but I am having some issues setting up a remote network.  I followed the instructions from the manufacturer at this page:  I have setup the IP address of the DVR and selected a forwarding port.  Only since I have a dynamic IP address they suggested I use  I set up an account.  Do I use the DVR IP? Or my IP?  I am unsure on how to use the DynDNS service.  Thanks for your help.

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You will be given an IP address like.
An application will run on your pc that constantly updates your current IP.

The port forwarding on the router would be the same, regardless of the dyndns address.

To connect you would enter the URL of the dnydns address.  something like:
justearthAuthor Commented:
I will try to find out more about getting the IP updater on the DVR.
Do you have another computer on the network?  If so, you can run the program on it.
The external IP will be the same for all the devices.  It is the Port Forwarding that "directs" the data to the correct device.
Oliver TANGIRINetwork EngineerCommented:
This should be a straight forward setup.
I usually use the router to track the dhcp provided ip from the ISP. That way, you don't have to depend on a computer on the LAN.
a) Create your account with dynamic dns provide as you have already done.
b) Check your router and somewhere in there, you will see where to type in the hostname that you created -
c) Check the Camera or DVR documenation to see which port is communicates on. You then configure port forwarding for its IP on your netgear.  Some of the cameras that I setup used 5160 and 5160. Then take note of the management port. You may change it from 80 to 81 because 80 may not be available for you to pass through on your netgear router.

if you need further details, please let the experts know and your help will come.

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