Wordpress WP Ecommerce Product WYSIWG Replacement

Has anyone been able to replace the textarea's in the Wordpress plugin WP-E-Commerce. It is a shopping cart plugin. I need to replace the description and additional description text area's for adding and editing products, with a wysiwig.

I have tried both TINYMCE and CKEDITOR. I am able to get them to display and render correctly when you click Store->Products.   The Add Product Form display, and the textarea's have been rendered correctly with both tests (TINYMCE, CKEDITOR).

When I click on a product to edit it, the Add Product Form is updated with the same form, but it is now the Edit Product Form. Now the WYSIWG editors fault and do not render correctly. When looking at the errors in FireFox's FireBug Javascript Debugger tool it errors when loading the WYSIWG editor javascript files.

I was able to add in the <script> includes, and and WYSIWG javascript code in the WP Ecommerce functions wp-content/plugins/wp-e-commerce/wpsc-admin/display-items-functions.php

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Andrew AngellCo-Owner / DeveloperAsked:
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Mark GilbertSenior Performance EngineerCommented:
I did a quick search and found that the author of the plugin says this isn't an available option yet and the code that invokes the tinymce editor is hard coded...basically the thing needs a complete rewrite:

So, from what I read there is no real way to get extended formatting in the additional description other than via html?
How about.. swapping the editor, and making the additional description be the enhanced editor, since the WP function supports only one instance per page?
I desire to have most of the text after the [+] anyway. ... once I figure out how to have the page come up with those closed by default.

Hi tdiaz, this is not possible (or easy to impliment) in 3.7 as the Description field uses a special function to generate the TinyMCE editor and the Additional Description is a simple textarea instance. I'll raise this with Instinct today... I'll post my reply here.


All the forums I've read on this point all generally say the same, and some date back 2 years ago with the same general replies.

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Andrew AngellCo-Owner / DeveloperAuthor Commented:
I'm sorry I didn't update this post earlier. The Wordpress Plugin WP-E-Commerce utilizes the built in Wordpress WYSIWG Editor. For some reason the copy i received wasn't working. The problem was, the client already had abnunch of WYSIWG Wordpress Plugins installed that conflicted with the default WYSIWG Editor.

So in conclusion, always disable all of the Wordpress Plugins  except for the plugin you are debugging.
Andrew AngellCo-Owner / DeveloperAuthor Commented:
There was only one other post, and it was not wrong. It just isn't the True Answer to my question.
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