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Can you help me establish an Email Retention Policy Tag in Exchange 2010 (Standard Edition) that ecludes some folders?


I need help establishing an Email Retention Policy Tag on Exchange 2010.

Here's what my test user's email box looks like:

Personal Folder
  - Deleted Items
  - Drafts
  - Inbox
  - Junk Email
  - Person Stuff
  - Sent Items
  - Work Stuff

I understand how to work with most of these folders.  The problem is that I need to establish one or more policy tags which accomplish these two rule on the same folder:

  (1) Work Stuff - Move Items Older than 1 Year to Deleted Items

  (2) Personal Stuff - Never Delete These Items

I don't see anyway to selectively apply policies to individual folders like this.  Your help is much appreciated.


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Understanding Messaging Records Management 

Planning for Messaging Records Management 
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I've read through lots of Exchange Messaging Records Management information and feel very informed but I still have problems with the application of that knowledge.  Let me explain:

(1) I began by applying a very simple Retention Policy to my own account.  It looks like this:
 User generated image
(2) The problem is that the Tag which Moves Emails Older than 3 Days to the Deleted Items Folder DOES NOT WORK, while the Tag which Permanently Deletes Items Older than 1 Day from the Deleted Items Folder DOES WORK.

(3) In fact, when I view a message older than three days in OWA, I see this message:
 User generated image

I need help getting this Inbox Cleaning Tag to work.

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The advice from the other experts did not provide enough detail for me to figure this out, so I went to Microsoft directly.