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Correct Syntax for IFNULL MySQL

I am trying to put an if statement in a select query, but I'm getting a syntax error.  Any help appreciated.  Thank you.
$findings="SELECT * FROM loanFinding ,IFNULL(stSeverity,customSeverity) AS currSev "
    ."JOIN finding USING (findingKey) "
    ."WHERE'1' AND loanFinding.auditID='$auditID' "
    ."ORDER BY currSev";

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I normally prefer to explicitly list join columns, as well as where columns come from, e.g.

    IFNULL(loanFinding.stSeverity,finding.customSeverity) AS currSev
FROM loanFinding
JOIN finding ON finding.findingKey = loanFinding.findingKey
WHERE'1' AND loanFinding.auditID='$auditID'
ORDER BY loanFinding.currSev";

If I read correctly, is stSeverity the standard and customSeverity an optional override? Shouldn't the IFNULL be the other way around?
Also a hint that you can use multi-line strings in PHP, as shown above, instead of using the multiple . concats.