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Lost External USB Drives after reboot: SBS2003

I updated a server lastnight and afterwards, any external USB device will not show up in device manager, My Computer, or Computer Management. Ive rebooted, changed power cords and cables (I have 2 of the same drives and neither show up) and nothing!
Ive tried the ports in the back and the front, no change
These are my backup drives so I'm a little worried. Is it a registry issue? I have the drives set for the letter "e" which is not taken, as far as I can tell.

Any help would be appreciated

The platform is SBS 2003 SP2 and the server is updated everytime updates are available.
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Do these drives work in other machines? Also, do you recall what updates were applied? It could have something to do with a chipset driver update. Perhaps a driver update messed up the handling of USB drives.
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Although this answer was not the fix, it inspired the resolution to the actual problem. The drive did show up on my computer, I then had someone plug a flash drive into the server which DID show up. This led me back to the drives themselves and it turns out that the one part I did not replace was the power adapter. I swapped it and all is well. The original adapter powered it up but it failed to inialize.

Thabk you very much to both people who responed to my plea...