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receiving sms messages multiple times on Android

I have a samsung europa running android and am having a nightmare as it receives many of my text multiple times - sometimes 10 - 20 times.
I have disabled the stock messaging app and am now using handcent but this hasn't made any difference.

I have had 3 replacement handsets, 2 sims and not made a difference. Running on Vodafone UK by the way.

Has anyone experienced this and managed to fix it? There are plenty of pages on the net about this but no-one seems to have a fix.

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Did you contact Vodafone? It's possible they may be the root of the problem. Also, is your phone hacked in any way or is it running stock Android?

Also, what version of Android are you running? You can find the version in the settings on the phone.
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I contacted Vodafone and they have had pushed me from person to person and nobody knows what it is.
The phone is running stock Android with no hacks at all with version 2.1 update 1 and kernel version 2.6.29-perf
Do you have a app called Handcent installed? This has caused issues on other phones with multiple sms messages.
Hi, sorry for the delay in response, christmas break and all that.
I do have handcent installed but the issue was present prior to this being installed.
Just for the sake of testing, you may want to remove that app, and any other apps that even remotely have any influence over sms messages.
i have now uninstalled the handcent and am still receiving duplicate messages, really not sure which way to go with this now.
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Thank you very much for your time and advice with this issue. I think you have hit the nail on the head with advising to get a new phone. I have drilled vodafone and they have agreed to send me a substitute make/model
Excellent. Happy to help :)