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VMWARE gentoo

Is there an easy way to make a VM ware image out of a box I have that is running gentoo?
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This could work

I normally use the paid for version, but I think the free one works as well
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can i use the windows converter and attach to the gentoo box, or do I have to use the linux version of the converter?  thanks, gsgi
If you are using Converter v4.3, then Windows is your only option.
The release notes of vCenter Converter v4.3 specifically states that Linux installation support is discontinued.

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ok, so how do I make a vmware image of it?

If you have a Windows workstation, you need to install the Converter software on it and then initialize the wizard which would complete the conversion process.

I assume that you are running Gentoo as a Virtual Machine on a Linux Host OS.
Please correct me if my assumptions are incorrect.
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Gentoo is installed on a physical box. - sent from my bb
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I installed converter, gave it the ip of the gentoo box, and root credentials and it failed to find the gentoo box on the network.

Is iptables or an equivalent firewall running on Gentoo ?