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Dynamic range names in middle of worksheet

I understand how to make a name range dymanic when there is no data below the range.  However, I have a worksheet with four ranges, one below each other.  However, a user can add a line at the bottom of a range, which then pushes the other data down one row.  The end of each range is always two row above the start of the next range so spacing between the ranges is constantly two rows.  This is probalby going to be a multi-part question as first, I need to set up the range to start in cell B3 (the first range) and then encompass those populated cells to the first blank cells and then up one to the last populated cell and assign this the name range.  Was wondering if there would be a simply way to achieve this first part of the problem.
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That makes sense - so, if a user in the third range, adds a row, since the title of the next range is the one field, this title (row) should move down yet the title field would keep its range name so that would be the anchor - the title of each section has its own range name that would move with it as the row is moved down to accommodate new information for a range?
you got it.
Sorry it took so long, Christmas was quite a vacation.  Thanks for the answer.