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Calculated field on Access Form

I need to calculate a value in a field in the footer section of a form (e.g. Sum), but need to multiple that value by a number that is in another footer field.  Access keeps giving me an error when I reference the other footer field.  (I'm actually trying to multiply the sum of one of the detailed columns by a percentage that is stored in another footer field).

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DatabaseMX (Joe Anderson - Former Microsoft Access MVP)
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Show the calculation that is giving the error ...

What is the specific error?

Here's a good primer on how to reference conmtrols between forms/subform.

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This is the calc giving the error:

=Sum(([Quantity On Hand]*[UnitPrice])*(1-[txtDiscount]))

Quantity On Hand and UnitPrice are in the Detail section of the form.  txtDiscount is in the footer section of the form.
What is the error?

Error number?
no error number...just #ERROR in the field when I get out of design view.
In that case it's not understanding something in your formula..

Can you post a screenshot of the form with the error displayed?
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Dale Fye
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As fyed is implying, you cannot user Sum (or other aggregate functions) on Controls, only on bound fields in your form/report.