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Windows XP SP3 - sound doesn't work in admin profile, works fine in limited user profile.

I have an HP Pavilion desktop PC running Windows XP SP3. When logged in as an administrator, there is no sound, other the windows startup, error, and logoff sounds, and there is no Windows sound icon in the system tray.

When logged in as a limited user, all sound works fine, and the Windows sound icon appears in the system tray.

I created a new admin account and got the same problem. When I changed that account to a limited user, the sound worked fine and the Windows sound icon appeared in the system tray.

All drivers have been re-installed without effect

I would normally have re-installed the operating system by now and start from scratch, but the user can't find his OS disk and license from the manufacturer.

Any ideas?
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Thanks, Knightsman.

Good suggestion, but I had already tried the Microsoft repair tool and it didn't resolve the issue.

I ended up getting the user to find the system recovery CD and did a non-destructive restoration. Refreshing the OS installation did the trick, as I thought it would.

I still have no clue what caused the original issue, though.

weird, I wonder if it was a virus blocking it, or a tid bit of one.
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There must be a registry edit or user profile policy change that would have solved this problem, but I was unable to find it via online postings to tech boards, or from Microsoft.

Given that the problem was likely caused by corruption to user settings in XP caused my malware infection, however, completely re-installing the operating system is probably the best overall solution.