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keyboard sticks then bsod

A new (3months) PC running Windows 7 64bit, wireless keyboard and mouse. All programs/data were transferred from old PC using PC Mover. The keyboard has been returned twice - now using a 3rd one as we insisted there was a fault in the 1st two. The keyboard sticks and takes a long time for the typing to catch up. Then periodically, the system crashes totally with bsod. It has been returned to me twice, I ran a registry cleaner and hooked up wired keyboard, and reinstalled the antivirus - cannot fault it when I use it. Return to the customer and before long the problems reappear. The main program being used is MYOB - so it is always in the middle of a MYOB operation that problems arise. Sometimes, the keyboard is okay, sometimes not. I think that something that was transferred from the old Win XP 32bit system is causing the problem but what? and how to find it? Where should I start? Can you help me?
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I would run a repair install.  Do you have your disks?  

Try testing your hardware with a program called: Lite PC Diagnostics, here is the link.

Sounds hardware to me if 3 keyboards have done the same thing.  Run that diagnostic and post what happens
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No I don't have the disks. I will try that hardware diagnostics - this is a very new computer. In the meantime, would you be able to tell what is happening from the memory dump after the bsod?
definately sounds hardware based to me, post up the dump and we can have a look
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>>   All programs/data were transferred from old PC using PC Mover  <<
>>  The main program being used is MYOB   <<  ---    Both these caught my eye
i suppose the olp pc was 32 bit?  then i would contact MYOB - you may need to reinstall a 64 bit version, or update !
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I'm not sure what I'm doing here.  memorydump1214.ZIP
I hope this is the right file.
In the meantime I downloaded memtest64+ and it found an error. So I took out one stick of RAM and ran memtest again and there was no error. So I swapped out that stick and replaced the other RAM and ran memtest again and there was no error. So I'm really confused. Why would it say there was an error with 4Gb RAM but no errors when using only 2Gb RAM?
Hopefully, you'll find the answer in this file.
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Oops Nobus, I didn't see your message til just now. The reason for using PC Mover was that there are about 6 different versions of MYOB and several different versions of Quickbooks - this is a bookkeeper's PC and she has to sync her versions of the the programs with her clients. (Does that make sense?). Yes the old PC was 32bit - I'm pretty certain we checked all that before going ahead with the purchase but it's a few months ago, so I can investigate that again.
minidump response

This bugcheck is generated when the kernel detects that critical kernel code or
data have been corrupted. There are generally three causes for a corruption:
1) A driver has inadvertently or deliberately modified critical kernel code
 or data. See
2) A developer attempted to set a normal kernel breakpoint using a kernel
 debugger that was not attached when the system was booted. Normal breakpoints,
 "bp", can only be set if the debugger is attached at boot time. Hardware
 breakpoints, "ba", can be set at any time.
3) A hardware corruption occurred, e.g. failing RAM holding kernel code or data

i would first check all patches are installed and check for any driver updates. if issues still occur check the hardware and see if there are any patches for MYOB 64 bit.
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How do I "check all patches"? MYOB doesn't require anything for 64bit - I just checked that.
that dump lists  CI.dll as cause :
Code Integrity (CI) protects Windows Vista by verifying that system binaries haven’t been tampered with by malicious code and by ensuring that there are no unsigned drivers running in kernel mode on the system. CI starts as Windows starts up. The boot loader checks the integrity of the kernel, the Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL), and the boot-start drivers. After these binaries have been verified, the system starts and the memory manager calls CI to verify any binaries that are loaded into the kernel’s memory space. The binaries are verified by looking up their signatures in the system catalogs. Aside from the kernel memory space, CI verifies binaries loaded into a protected process and system installed dynamic libraries that implement core cryptographic functions.
check if it boots in safe mode, then :
Do these steps.

1. With system off. Unplug any USB devices including memory/pen drives.

2. Boot normally. If still problem reboot to Safe mode.

3. Uninstall if allowed the last software you installed. (if this software is Windows installer based you will not be able to uninstall it in Safe mode).

4. Use Msconfig to disable all possible startup programs.

5. Try a normal boot.

If no joy then try a system restore.

Then report back!

from :
Bugcheck 0x109 may be cause by a rogue driver.  Driver Verifier can help find it -

Driver Verifier -

Other thoughts -
- PC Mover may not have moved all properly
- Is MYOB current? --> MYOB - Windows 7 Compatibility
- Trend Micro Internet Security may be hogging system resources or its firewall may be blocking local NETBIOS ports causing problrms with system services resulting in the sputtering of the mouse (typing/ appearance on screen delay)

Remove Trend Micro Internet Security & replace with MSE -
- Trend Micro Removal

If this were my system/ client,  I would wipe the HDD w/ KillDisk and reinstall Windows 7 x64.  It is the only way to know if the root cause is hardware.

Happy Holidays !

Do you have problems with the keyboard and BSOD with that one stick out?  Might be a bad memory port.  
I reckon it's software related 3 kbds in a row! I would remove and reinstall the Kbd drivers. Definitely try the msconfig point mentioned above.
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Thanks all for your suggestions. This is an intermittant problem. It will sail along happily for days without problems. Trend Micro has been uninstalled 3 times. It has the latest version. It was operated for a couple of days without any AV - no difference, it still crashed. They keyboards don't require a separate driver to be installed. What I need is a simulator that will run the computer as if it was being used to force a crash because just turning it on and waiting won't get me anywhere. Is there such a thing?
any comments on my post ?
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Hi nobus,
Currently I am running (I think) the driver verifier that jcgriff2 suggested. I have no idea if it is running - I can't see what it is doing. I re-read all the instructions 100 times and I still don't see what it is supposed to do except cause a bsod immediately if it finds an error. Anyway, it said it had to run for 24 hours so I've got a few hours to go. But then I don't know what after that. I think I would have to switch off , but how??? And I have no idea if I'm suppopsed to use the computer while the driver verifier is runing or not. Just one more little thing to add to my frustrations :(
As I said previously, Nobus, I didn't apparently make myself clear in the original post - this doesn't happen all the time. It is okay for days on end, then it will crash. So booting normally, or booting in safe mode, or removing the last software is actually not going to help me much. Not unless there is some sort of program which can simulate the programs being run which *may* cause the keyboard to start sticking or the system to crash. It is not that I don't want to follow your advice, I just don't know how - a system restore back to the day before the first crash is about 3 months ago! And quite a few programs have been installed since then. The last few appear to be trials of registry cleaners that the user has downloaded.
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I had better expand on the kbs - 1st one was returned and tested by the wholesaler who declared that it was dead. It was replaced - this was MS OEM keyboard. When 2nd keyboard played up, the wholesaler accepted the return without testing it - it was replaced with a Logitech kb. The 1st two keyboards were the last of old stock.
if they all do exactly the same, it's nearly impossible they are the cause imo
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Well, I'm still nowhere. The system crashed all by itself after running for about 2 days but hardly being used. I found another program called BlueScreenView to view the minidumps - this file is attached. I would really appreciate someone looking at this and helping me. bsod.txt
they refer to different drivers as the cause
did you test the ram yet?  let it run overnight and use memetest86+ from,
or find it on ubcd  :      
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I did test the ram - as indicated in an earlier post. I ran memtest86, took out one stick ran it again, swapped stick over ran it again, put both back ran it again. I only found one error initially, but can't get it to find any errors since. The instructions said to let it run for 7 passes so I figured that was sufficient. I discovered BlueScreenView is a bit easier to read - the most recent crash this morning listed a file which is part of Trend Micro firewall. So I have uninstalled Trend Micro (again!) and currently running a full scan with MSE
are all the drivers installed?  no errors in device manager?
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Happy New Year nobus.
No errors in device manager. Keyboard and mouse are listed twice. I assume this is because I put the USB controller into a different port to see if that would help? If I remove the 1st occurrence of these will that do anything worthwhile?
>>  If I remove the 1st occurrence of these will that do anything worthwhile?   <<  you can always do that - they install automatic when booted
i have used bluescreenview too - but stopped when i saw posts saying it was not always accurate

i can only suggest at this point to test the mobo extensively without moving those applications - or with another mobo

btw - did you run driver verifier, as suggested by jcgriff ?
oh -  and a happy New Year to you too !
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Yes, Driver Verifier has been running 8/9 days. I did another overnight test with memtest86+, I have run every conceivable test with Seatools. I have downloaded but not run the Hitachi hdd diagnostic tool. I have run chkdsk /r. I have run various reg cleaners. What else is there?
you could test the pc WITHOUT the applications moved to it - that would show if they are the problem or not
(you can use another disk for testing this
or use another mobo to test
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Gosh! That sounds complicated. A computer with no applications sounds like a car with no seats - basically unusable. I can't replace the hard disk til next week - in this part of the world many businesses close up for 2 weeks.
it is only for testing if it reoccurs  - and you could do a fresh install of any applications you wish to test - just do not move them over from an old install
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I am reluctant to close this question while I still have problems. After 2 crashes last week it appears everything I've done hasn't worked. I'll come back with the results later.
maybe better to start over fresh ?
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The problem has not been resolved. I would close the question if it had been resolved - I am keeping it open in the vain hope that someone will be able to recognise the disease and point me in the right direction. I am not prepared to close this question while the user is still having difficulties. I have performed every conceivable test suggested in this forum and in other forums where I have posted and still no result.
the easiest way imo is a fresh install on a new disk - that way, you have everything on the old disk if you need it
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Yes, you said that before, I think. I wiped the drive, reinstalled Windows 7, installed Trend Micro and Thunderbird. The system rested for a few days. Then started to load Office and found all sorts of problems - would not recognise the CD half-way through installation, then died. Every time it starts up there is a message to say that the system had closed down unexpectedly. It doesn't like sending emails. Having been convinced it was a rogue driver, now I don't know again. The crashes are becoming more frequent but there is still no obvious pattern for me.
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Well we got a new motherboard shipped in from Singapore and also replaced the RAM. Moved all programs and data across using PC Mover as per the original tasks all those months ago. It appears as it was a faulty motherboard so I am closing this question.
tx for feedback
happy to see i was right on the spot - not so happy with B grade for a correct answer though
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Well LHT_ST figured it was hardware in the beginning but then he abandoned me. In the meantime you and others had me endlessly testing the hdd and RAM and looking for rogue drivers and misconfigured programs .... 2 months later it is finally fixed. It is only worth a 'B' Nobus given the time frame and all the red herrings.
no problem for me -just it does not fit with EE rules for a correct answer..
i'm happy it's ok now..