MySQL 5.1

I have DB on production where all tables are belongs to Myisam engine, I want to change them
to innodb engine. but i little hesitate to change them on production.
What are the things needs to be taken under consideration while performing this
activity on live. Are there some variables need to adjust.

Please advice.
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Bruce SmithSoftware Engineer IICommented:
Don't hesitate, just use precaution. Back-up your database and warn your users of a short downtime. Check out this article here ( as there are a few helpful tidbits for enhancing possible performance. I have altered a couple of databases recently and have not run into any problems. Just make sure you back the thing up in case you do happen to run into any issues.

I would practice first on a development copy of the database on another server or
worse case would be on the production server. I would want to do a bit of performance
testing as well unless your users won't mind being a guinea pig.

Other notes:
-  I would not convert anything that is in the mysql database as that belongs to the
-  Not all MyISAM tables can be converted, particularly if a full text search index is
   associated with the table.
-  If you have large tables involved, the conversion will take some time. Make sure you
   plan an appropriately long enough conversion time.

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sitgAuthor Commented:
This was really helpful
That you for the points. Just one comment to add. To convert from MyISAM to InnoDB
is easy. Just issue a command like this:
    alter table <tablename> engine=InnoDB

and MySQL will take care of all the rest, including dealing with any indexes associated
with the table. If you are not allowed to convert (remember my comment above that
not all MyISAM tables can be converted), MySQL will display a warning and will not
convert. Its that simple :-)
Bruce SmithSoftware Engineer IICommented:
Thanks, hopefully the transition went smoothly!
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