Dynamic url to SEO Friendly urls using Apace Mod_rewrite

I would like to know how to convert a dynamic urls to more seo friendly urls using Apache mod rewrite.

E.g of dynamic urls
* http://www.domain.com/?p=portfolio
* http://www.domain.com/?p=contact
* http://www.domain.com/?p=portfolio&pid=52&page=thumbs
* http://www.domain.com/?p=portfolio&pid=52&page=photos&photoid=754
* http://www.domain.com/?p=portfolio&pid=52&page=photos&photoid=754&pages=2


* http://www.domain.com/portfolio
* http://www.domain.com/contact
* http://www.domain.com/portfolio/sculptor-richard-serra/
* http://www.domain.com/portfolio/sculptor-richard-serra/pages/2/

Thanks for your time.

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Dushyant SharmaCommented:
you can try like below

Redirect /?p=portfolio  http://mydomain.site/portfolio
Redirect /?p=contact  http://mydomain.site/contact

RedirectMatch ^/?p=([a-zA-Z0-9]*)$  http://mydomain.site/$1

here is some simple reference


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Ray PaseurCommented:
Hi, Polask.  Just a note... "SEO-friendly URLs" is a misleading concept.  The search engines do not care a bit about what your URL contains.  They look at things like (more or less in order) how many meaningful and important sites link to your site, the HTML <title> tag, the "meta description", the HTML <h1> tag and the text of your page, especially near the top.

A better name for this might be "easy to remember URLs" because people might remember the sculptor's name before they would remember pid=52.

I would recommend that you implement a 404 handler, and connect it to a search page.  That way, when I come to your site with a typo like this...

... your site can respond with a page that says something like, "No sculptor-richard-sierra here.  Do you want to see http://www.domain.com/portfolio/sculptor-richard-serra/"
xposegrafixAuthor Commented:
Not very helpful.
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Ray PaseurCommented:
What was un-helpful?  I thought the question was well answered.  Were you not able to get what you wanted?
xposegrafixAuthor Commented:
Cause it didn't work.
Ray PaseurCommented:
Uhh, that would indicate to me that you might want to post a note about that in the question thread here to get clarifying information?  "Didn't work" does not give us much to go on.
xposegrafixAuthor Commented:
ok, thank you
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