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How to Convert a CD into MP3 files

I have a music CD I would like to convert into MP3 files.
AUDACITY would not let me open the files saying I had to "rip" the files on the CD.  
1.  What does RIP mean?
2.  Does AUDACITY have a ripping add-on?

Any other suggestions are welcome.
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rip means to copy the contents of the cd onto your hard drive.  windows media player comes with a built in rip facility, you can rip the music from the cd to your hard drive. the files will be in .wma format which you can then convert to mp3 if you wish
Ripping is just the word used for converting the files on a CD to mp3 (or other formats). There are free rippers out there - this one is good and free.

FreeRIP 3.5;2
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One of the best options is iTunes which you can google for and download free. Helps you to organize all your music and also gives you free access to 100s of radio stations streaming all types of music 24x7!
Windows Media Player and ITunes both have RIP functions.... ITunes actually asks you upon inserting a CD. Just go to the Options when you select the CD>Import Options, and select ".MP3".....

Plus, Audacity really isnt a media player... More of an editing tool....
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Thank you brothertruffle880