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Link credit card transaction to a Bill in order to pay it in Quickbooks 2010

Quickbooks 2010 currently does not have the capability of directly connecting to Bank of America via online banking because Bank of America does not offer a way to download a quickbooks file.

I've been able to convert the file to a format that Quickbooks understands and have sucessfully imported it into the Bank of America account within Quickbooks.  It displays the payees, amounts, dates and everything correctly, however, now, I need to link the Vendor bills that need to be paid to each of the transactions that they belong to and get that bill paid at the same time.

Searching on the internet for solutions, I've come across a few forums that speak of creating some sort of alias and linking the vendor name in QB to the payee name coming in from Bank of America, however, I don't see that option available in QB 2010 as it was available in earlier versions.  Am I looking in the wrong place?  Or do I need to do something else in order to both pay the Bill and link the transaction at the same time?

Thanks for any help or suggestions
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If you've converted the BoA file to QB format then you've got the resources to, at the same time, convert the BoA payee name to the name you have used in QB using a lookup table.  This is best done by maintaining a spreadsheet with two columns: (1) BoA vendor name (2) QB purchase ledger name.  Each transaction on the BoA statement is then looked up in this file and converted to a QB name, which is substituted into the QB import file.  

You could use QB to output this using a spare field in the Purchase Ledger but I can give you an example where this might not work.  In my accounts I deal with the same company, but might have two distinct accounts with them: Yellow Pages is an example.  If you are prepared to segregate your Purchase Ledger so that it has two Yellow Pages accounts then exporting the Alias file from QB will work, but otherwise you need a means to have a One-to-Many relationship between your QB accounts and your BoA payees.

If anything needs clarifying, please let us know.
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To clarify a bit:

1.  I convert the bank of america online file using a software that asks me to enter the account (in this case bank of america) and specify the expense account as well, it then converts the download to a quickbooks format,
2.  Then I go to the chart of accounts, open the bank of america account
3.  I then go to file > utilities>import> iif file
4. The new transactions are then displayed in the screen (date, payee, account, etc..)

Alright- that looks good- no problem actually getting the file in and viewing payments, payees, etc..
I have a vendor called Enstar Natural Gas that has an open bill.
That bill was paid by bank of america, bank of america displays the payee as Enstar Natural Gas.
The vendor name in quickbooks is Enstar Natural Gas ( I had to type that in - but AFTER I had already downloaded the Bank of America Transactions)- so, both Quickbooks and Bank of America both see the payee name as Enstar Natural Gas- Now-

Since the bill has been paid by Bank of America, and it shows the right amounts and dates on the screen, how can I get the bill that I made for Enstar to be paid without creating a duplicate charge on the Bank of america? Hope this makes sense, I just need to "link" the two somehow.

Thanks, please let me know if you need more information.
I'm not sure how QB does things but, by virtue of the payment being in QB's BoA transaction listing there is no need to duplicate anything.  This time around you just need to manually match the bank payment with the Purchase Ledger amount and this will pay off the invoice.  In future, because you've now setup that particular creditor, it may get matched automatically, but I would hope there is a Review facility where the proposed matchings are displayed for your approval prior to them being committed.
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I've found a work around for this, please, let me work on outlining the steps and it will be posted soon.  Thank you so much for your support.
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when I go into the bank of america ledger, I can change the expense account in the enstar natural gas transaction to accounts payable and that will render
this particular bill or expense paid in accounts payable, also, it will show up as a zero balance in the vendor
center for that particular vendor, however, the actual bill is not marked as paid.

If I go to the actual bill to pay it, and select the payment methods: credit card,  bank of america
and then pay the bill, it will show up double in the bank of america ledger, which is what I don't want.

The reports generated do show a zero balance for the vendor and a pay in accounts payable.  It bothers me though,
that the bill doesn't have the stamp on it, and Quickbooks won't detect that there was a payment made
and link the two together.

what do you think?

I'm a Sage person rather than a QB guru, so my comments are based on that experience.

>the actual bill is not marked as paid.

There are two types of payments in a typical system (1) ones that are not paying off an invoice as such e.g., bank charges, HMRC: ok you could produce an invoice and pay it off, but that's not the way many packages are geared (2) ones that are paying off a creditor account.

It sounds to me like the QB/BoA link deals with type 1 transactions, but not type 2.  By creating an intermediary "posting file" which is in the format required by QB to bring in type 2 transactions, this will sort out your problem for forthcoming transactions, but not for existing transactions.  To deal with existing transactions, the correct way to do it, in my view, is to reverse the payment, then put it in in the correct manner.
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QBalance- Thanks so much for the screen shots- that was very well needed. Think we got it..hope you can see the attached file. User generated image User generated image
Yep, that looks fine to me.

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Thank you again this means alot!!
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