Wireshark filtering question


I have a problem with a Windows 2003 server so wanted to run a Wireshark capture over night to capture some data. It's only traffic on one port to one IP address that I want to capture.

My main concern is that Wireshark will just grow and grow and when I leave it on overnight it will either cause the server to crash or something.

Does anyone know how I can restrict to the capture so that it only logs details for that port/ IP (I assume this will save space) and also I can tell it to cancel itself if the file gets too large/ it's taking up a lot of system resources?

Also, anything else I should be aware of?
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There are a few things you should do.

1. (OPTIONAL, this will help offload dump on the tap port) On the SPAN port configuration on the switch, set up your source as the physical port where the PC is connected (if the PC is connected to the same switch where the SPAN is configured). If the PC is somewhere down the stream on a trunk, then setup only that vlan of the PC as the source.
2. In wireshark, when you select which interface to listen to, go in the options  options when selecting interface Under the options, configure the 'Capture Filter' as in my sample image below  wireshark single host Under 'Capture File' select the location of the file, I usually store it on Desktop. Tick off 'multiple files', next file 'Every x mb', mine is set to 512mb, and 'Ring buffer' with 8 files. What that means is that wireshark will continuously capture into 8 sequential files, each of max 512mb. As soong as 8th file are exhausted, wireshark will start writing into 1st file.

This way you can run captures indefinitely.

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If it is a single port you can and this to the end of the capture filter that imanassypov shows in their screen shots:

   and tcp port ##

Where ## is the tcp port you want to limit the capture to.
If you want to monitor who's doing what, you can also capture only the packets with syn, fin and rst bits set. this way you will see everything except the data. (of course only for tcp traffic).
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