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Locating Computer Equipment Wholesalers or Distributors

I want to start selling computer equipment online, particularly laptops, netbooks, and some peripherals, first on eBay and eventually on my own e-commerce site.  

Does anyone know where I can find reliable wholesalers or distributors of these products that will sell me small quantities such as 10 to 20 pieces at a time?

Any information would be greatly and sincerely appreciated.
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I think you need to find some distributors in China.  US distributors aren't very cheap.  Either that, or the markup is very low (more likely).  I have accounts with D&H ( and Ingram Micro ( and frankly, some things I can get cheaper at  There are also other distributors - TechData Lifeboat Distribution are two that come to mind.

Some examples of how the pricing can still stink:
HP printers can be MORE THAN $100 more expensive from the distributor than from Staples.
Video Game Consoles (sold by D&H) offer a huge $3.00 discount.  (That's not a typo - three dollars).
You're probably barking up the wrong tree. Selling on eBay, you're most certainly not going to beat someone else's price if they can buy containers full of the stuff. I don't want to sound so discouraging, but if it was easy money, everyone would do it. I have a couple suggestions though:

1. Specialize in something that not everyone is carrying. Computers/electronics is a very thin margin.
2. Add value to what you're selling (VAR). Make money on two things at once. I sell hardware, but also provide the service of installation and support, which is where I make most of the profit.

Also, if you haven't done so already, set up a company with a EIN and obtain a Sales Tax Permit. Any distributor will need this info. Business references are also a plus. If you're carrying inventory, then you'll have to use accrual basis accounting. Once you've established yourself with a distributor or two, pay a little money to to start building a business credit profile. They will monitor your activity with these distributors, so that when another distributor checks your business credit, you'll have something listed. With a positive credit profile, the distributors will extend lines of credit, so you don't have to pay cash up front.

Good luck!