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Can I import Outlook Express account details from DAT files

Have recovered some files from daughter's "dead" PC, including DAT files. Rebuilding her system with a new disk have OE up and running having imported OE folders etc. Can I recover/import account details from recovered DAT registry files
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Chris Millard
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There is a freeware program called Windows Registry Analyzer that will allow you to open and search through offline registry (DAT) files. You can then export the relevant keys and import them into the new system.

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Many thanks - will have a look at this option. I suspect that if the solution was relatively easy, then the security of OE would be suspect. Am trying to get the "patient" to contact her ISP for relevant EMail Account details - that might be the simplest solution. At least I have the DBX files for folder recovery. Thanks for the suggestion.
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Many thanks. Didn't realize that Regedit could edit DAT files as well as live registry, so I invested in a 3rd party registry editor which did the trick. Now a bit embarrassed!!!
LOL.... Hope you didnt pay too much for it, as you really dont need more than Regedit for that....

Glad youre fixed though.....