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Online computer backup through imaging

Hey, everyone.

I've been looking into backup solutions recently. There are plenty of Mozy / Carbonite style backup software; however, my problem is that this software only backs up specific files you tell it to. For me, this is not enough.

So I was looking for a solution that allows you to create backup images of your PC and store them online. Is there anything out there? Maybe something that also updates the stored image of your PC online?
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your after bare metal restores then??

You could try these guys but not sure what your budget is...
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Mozy backs up what you want it to...... Just need to add the folders that are outside of the defaults..........
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johnb6767: True, but Mozy only backs up files. I was talking about backing up an image of the entire PC.
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terrygreensill: I have a sad feeling that CTERA is somehow related to ATERA networks, whose routers I've been using for a while now. Similarities go in the name and in the model naming scheme (their routers are also labeled C-200 or C-400, etc.). Both are located in Israel. And there's no way I'm working with that company again. Still, thanks for the link. Maybe it's b/c of customers like me that they do not tie both products together.