batteries for laptop not detected

The battery I got for my HP dv9000 last Christmas lasted
till July. I got a new one last week. Windows did not detect it.
I did a re-format and re-loading of OS (not for this problem) and the new OS (still win7) does not detect it either.
I have an RMA to send it back. But I'm just wondering if I'm having bad luck
or can this be a problem with the laptop or OS or config in some way?

Running win7
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If it's a generic replacement battery, it may not be sending the right signal back.  Make sure that it is charged for at least a day, then take it out of the laptop and put it back in.  If it has been sitting around for years in a warehouse, it may not work properly and should be replaced.
what do u meant by not detected?

Try removing the battery and put it back.
jodyfaisonAuthor Commented:
Thanks -
Yes I let it charge a few day.
"Not dected" - win 7 words - thinks I have no battery installeed.

I've tried removing etc and just making sure it was in and connected.
I'll try again and brb.
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jodyfaisonAuthor Commented:
Oh and yes it is a generic replacement, as was the previous that lasted 6 months.
jodyfaisonAuthor Commented:
and still nothing after removing and replacing battery.
There could be a problem with Win7 doing the wrong thing with your battery: and  Check HP's site if a BIOS update resolves this or if there is an ACPI driver update.

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jodyfaisonAuthor Commented:
thanks Callador, will do
jodyfaisonAuthor Commented:
Yea, sounds like the bio is very likely suspect, as my first battery started misbehaving about the time I upgraded to wiin7. Also the new battery is 12 cell, as was, maybe, the last one.

upgrading bios now.
Also make sure the battery contacts are clean.
Yes, BIOS update recommanded
Battery not charging: Could be either the charger circuit gone bad and not providing any charge current to the battery (it remains empty), or a bad connector in the battery bay. Check for foreign matter inside the bay or on the battery contacts. Also , if possible, check and charge the battery in another laptop, then try it in yours.
try removing the Microsoft APCI-Compliant Control Method Battery driver from device manager.
You can go there by right-clicking the MY computer icon ,choose properties ,in the new window choose device manager on the left pane.
When device manager opens click on the Batteries section to expand it and uninstall the Microsoft APCI-Compliant Control Method Battery driver ,reboot and windows will reinstall the driver.
jodyfaisonAuthor Commented:
Ok, sound like good stuff, as bios update did not help. I think it's the most current that HP offers, from December of 2008. ?
Just tried downloading HP's assisatant to check battery, but it also said no battery installed.
I've uninstalled the driver for the APCI-com;iant CMB, per faizbaig,
Ok, booted back up, looks like Windows did reinstall the driver, it's 2006 driver, but the battery is still not detected.
Let me try some of the other stuff mentioned here and also put my old battery back in and see what happens.

I'll report back tommorow.
Yes, If your old battery is detecting (not new) , mean its new battery problem.
jodyfaisonAuthor Commented:
Ok, sorry for delay, Christmas and too much family, but the old hard drive, which was previously detected but showing only 50% or so ever being re-charged, is now not being detected.

Not sure where to go now. I think I've tried all the sugeestions here and a few from the HP web site.

I think I'll check the manufactior of the motherboard and see if they have bios or firmware updates that HP is not showing.
>but the old hard drive

Did you mean battery?  Was the old battery ever detected properly under Win7?

If you've got WinXP, this is HP's battery check tool:
try with ubuntu live CD and see what Ubuntu says about the battery. Because some times windows lies about hardware sometimes.
I feel firmware will not resolve this problem.

-> I feel battery bay connector gone bad or circuit issue, recommend to show laptop to HP service center.
jodyfaisonAuthor Commented:
Yes, old hard drive = old battery - I'm on windows 7, so I guess xp won't help. I've downloaded HP's win 7 battery testing software which doesn't see the battery.
I'll try ubuntu. I have an OS disk I was going to use for a dual boot, is that "live?"

Faizbaig, sounds grim, but I'll see where/if I can find a HP service center.
yeah anything ubuntu go there and check what it says about the battery.
jodyfaisonAuthor Commented:
will do, on the ubuntu, went for the 64 bit as the laptop is 64 bit, making a USB boot disk, with Universial USB installer right now.
jodyfaisonAuthor Commented:
ubuntu didn't see it either...
then its a problem with the batery definitely
go and check with the manufacturer/service centre.
jodyfaisonAuthor Commented:
thanks for all your help!
jodyfaisonAuthor Commented:
Hmm, don't know if it matters but I didn't mean to put colandar as main acceptated answer but wanted to give points for pointing to the bios issues first, as they may be important for me in other situations. Faiz should probably get accepted solution as it's off to the HP service center ultimately.
If it matters to anyone, I'll look into how to change.
If it matters, I did mention looking for a BIOS update or ACPI driver update in the accepted post:
"Check HP's site if a BIOS update resolves this or if there is an ACPI driver update."  Many helped, so credit was given to their posts as well.
jodyfaisonAuthor Commented:
Yes thank you Callandor, that's what I meant when I said I "wanted to give points" to you "for pointing to the bios issues first." Maybe that wasn't clear, but as I said the issues you brought up are meaningful to me in other ways also. So I thank you.
But anyway, I'm happy if all everyone else  is??
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