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I have Linksys wireless router connect with dsl modem. On dsl modem dhcp is enabled and configured. DHCP is also enable and configure on wireless router. I need to know that if i disable the dhcp on wireless router than will my laptop can use internet using wireless router? will it get ip from dsl? please reply and help
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The linksys router will provide an DHCP first unless it is disabled.   If you disable DHCP on the Linksys router, you must connect the DSL modem into the switch ports on the Linksys box.   If you plug the DSL modem into the Internet port on the Linksys router, the DSL router will only provide DHCP services to the Linksys box.  

So if you want DHCP from the DSL router and not the Linksys box:
1. DIsable DHCP on the Linksys.
2. Connect the DSL router into the switch port (not Internet port).

Also, in order for you to manage the Linksys router you will need to set it accept an address from DHCP for the LAN side.

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imz-ezAuthor Commented:
so it means cable coming from dsl should not plugin into wan port of linksys , it should be in lan ports of linksys
wouldn't the wireless access point need to be in bridge mode to get an ip from the dsl modem?
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imz-ezAuthor Commented:
If I use wireless access point as well than wat would be its setting?
i don't understand your question.  youj want to use the dsl modem and the wap as a dhcp server?
Yes, plug the DSL port into the LAN ports and disable DHCP on the Linksys box.  I have done this for a number of folks!  This should work fine.  
imz-ezAuthor Commented:
In our office we are using 1 dsl modem and 1 wireless router on ground floor and 1 access point on upper floor. If I disable dhcp on wireless router and connect cable from dsl into the switch port of wireless router than wat would be the configuration on access point? will it take ip address from dsl?
Yes, the configuration above should work.
i wasn't sure or not if there was something particular that needed to be done on the wap to pass traffic from the dsl modem...otherwise, you wouldn't get an ip.  am i wrong?
imz-ezAuthor Commented:
thanks dude. You have solved my alot of problems.
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