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i have a Lexmark pro 800 wireless printer and it works fine as far as being able to print to it wirelessly but in one of my pcs i couldnt see the printer when adding it in the add printer choices.  In other words, i couldnt browse for it so is there a way to map to it using the ip address?  Or why would it not show up in one xp pc but not the other?  thanks.
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Yes, go to Add Printer.   Select Add a Local Printer.  On the next page, select create a new port and select Standard TCP/IP for the type.  Enter the IP address in the hostname box.  

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In addition to above, it should try to contact the printer and determine it's type.  If is asks about the Device type, just accept Generic Network Card.

If you are still unable to print, trying to ping the printer from the computer that is having an issue.
Paul SauvéRetiredCommented:
Hi dankyle67,

Is it possible that you must install the software (drivers, etc.) on the PC that can't "see" the printer?

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10023Web site maintenance and designCommented:
I think Paulsauve might be correct
according to your manual;
It might also involve physically connecting the printer up to the second computer during install
*****For Windows users*****
1 Close all open software programs.
2 Insert the installation software CD.
If the Welcome screen does not appear after a minute, then launch the CD manually:
a Click , or click Start and then click Run.
b In the Start Search or Run box, type D:\setup.exe, where D is the letter of your CD or DVD drive.
3 Follow the instructions on the computer screen for installing a configured printer on a new computer.
Is the wireless printer and wireless computer on the same subnet (192.168.1.xxx). Check what network protocols
are set on the printer. Most printers allow http to the ip address.
dankyle67Author Commented:
I can ping the Lexmark printer since it is in same subnet.  My thought is why did my other xp pc see it without having to install drivers.  I will try to add it as local printer and assign port as instructed, thanks.  If not then will download driver
dankyle67Author Commented:
If the network protocol of printer allows http which i believe it does, would i use the same method of local printer and assigning tcpip port or is there another method?
Give the printer a static ip. Then create a tcp port on your machine that cannot see it. Then add the printer using the port. You will need the driver
dankyle67Author Commented:
thanks for all the help
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