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Another 404 Question (PHP)

I am trying to create a simple 404 page.

When I use the 'header' functions, the web browser defaults to its default 404 page (except FireFox which does show my custom content).

When I don't use the 'header' functions, the web browser receives the usual 200 response which is obviously a bad thing.

I have several installations of WordPress on my development server, and the header method seems to work fine on those. WordPress returns its custom 404 page which the correct 404 status. So I cannot work out why my one is not working:
<?php header("HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found"); ?>
<!DOCTYPE html>
	<div style="color: red">Page Not Found</div>

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Another note, if I click "View Source" under web browsers where the content is not shown, the correct html is present. So why isn't it being shown to user?
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can you post more cod information on your php code that redirects to 404 page
At the moment I am just loading it directly:

It also works fine in Safari...
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Brilliant! That worked perfectly!

Is there any particular reason for this limitation?

I remember seeing something similar in WordPress, but I didn't realise that it was related to 404's
That is browser default value, smallest chunk used for transfer is 1024 bytes, for all download managers download upload scripts...
Thanks again!

Have a great Christmas!